1. Benefits Of Installing Rain Gutters

    We know a story of a woman who lives in a six unit townhome building. The gutters were incorrectly installed on this building. On the second story, there were two gutters directing water down to the roof of the porch. Directly below one of these gutters is the window well for the window to the basement. One day, it rain heavily for an extended period of time. There was too much rain for the gutter…Read More

  2. Fall Roofing Tips

    If you have not noticed by now, it is fall. As we prepare for the colder winter days, there are some things that you should do for your home so that you don’t have bigger issues in the future. One of those things is to get your roof and gutters inspected and repaired if necessary. Trademark Restoration wants to help you out by giving out some tips you will need this fall. Cleaning gutters This i…Read More