1. ‘Tis The Season For Cleaning Your Gutters!

    The leaves in Central Texas are slowly but surely turning gold, orange, and red. Soon, gusty winds will sweep all the autumn leaves off of their perches and down into the yards below. But not only the yard. Also the roof and the rain gutters that you rely on to guide water away from your home. Here at TM Restoration, we believe that the changing of the seasons is a great reminder to clean out your…Read More

  2. Adding Curb Appeal With Fancy Rain Gutters

    Are you thinking about putting your Austin home on the market? People are moving to Austin at record-breaking rates, making it the perfect time to potentially turn a profit on your current home. When selling real estate, there are few things as important as curb appeal. This term describes the initial impression your home makes on people who are observing it from the outside. Many studies show tha…Read More

  3. Three More Signs Your Gutters Are Failing

    In a recent post, we discussed two important signs that your rain gutters are nearing the end of their useful life. These reasons included peeling paint, rust growth, and stubborn rain gutter clogs. Knowing the difference between rain gutters that are doing their job properly and those that have become a liability for your home and property is very important. Catching rain gutter problems while th…Read More

  4. Two Important Signs Your Gutters Are Failing

    Just like you rarely think about your roof, you probably spend much time thinking about your rain gutters. An essential element of any home roofing system, your gutters work together with your shingles to slough water off of your roof and away from your home. Without rain gutters, water would fall in sheets directly off the edge of your roof. This would greatly damage the landscaping around your h…Read More

  5. Benefits Of Installing Rain Gutters

    We know a story of a woman who lives in a six unit townhome building. The gutters were incorrectly installed on this building. On the second story, there were two gutters directing water down to the roof of the porch. Directly below one of these gutters is the window well for the window to the basement. One day, it rain heavily for an extended period of time. There was too much rain for the gutter…Read More