1. Winter Roof Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

    Although we’re not quite lucky enough to be able to hibernate all winter like bears, it’s true that most homeowners go into a period of semi-hibernation when the cold weather hits. While spring, summer, and in the San Antonio area, even autumn are full of backyard gatherings and home improvement projects, most people tend to get these tasks all squared away before the winter months. It’s mor…Read More

  2. How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Roof?

    Here we are, smack dab in the middle of autumn, but in San Antonio, it’s feeling much more like the middle of summer. Despite the unseasonably  warm weather we’ve been experiencing here in Texas, rest assured, colder weather is coming. While we may not get all of the precipitation that falls in other parts of the country, there’s still plenty of cold weather and moisture to worry about. Her…Read More

  3. ‘Tis The Season For Cleaning Your Gutters!

    The leaves in Central Texas are slowly but surely turning gold, orange, and red. Soon, gusty winds will sweep all the autumn leaves off of their perches and down into the yards below. But not only the yard. Also the roof and the rain gutters that you rely on to guide water away from your home. Here at TM Restoration, we believe that the changing of the seasons is a great reminder to clean out your…Read More

  4. These Myths About Metal Roofing Belong In The Scrap Heap

    You may have heard that TM Restoration installs and repairs metal roofs in Central Texas. You may have also heard that some residential and commercial property owners are switching from shingle roofing to metal roofing when their current roof system is in need of replacement. And maybe, just maybe, you also wondered if a metal roof would help you to avoid the costly roof repairs that have plagued …Read More

  5. 4 Amazing Things Every Property Owner Should Know About Roof Coatings

    In addition to installing shingle roofs and repairing metal roofing, a large part of what TM Restoration does in Central Texas is the application of roof coatings. If you’ve never heard of roof coatings before, or aren’t sure why it’s worth investing in a rubber coating for your commercial roof, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some surprising-but-true facts about roof co…Read More

  6. What Is Heat Island Effect?

    If you've been researching your roofing options in the hot, arid city of Austin, Texas, chances are you may have stumbled upon a term that, upon first glance, doesn't make a whole lot of sense: Heat Island Effect. "How can an island be made out of heat?" you may have wondered, "and what does this 'effect' have to do with my property here in landlocked Austin?!" Heat Island Effect, or the formation…Read More

  7. What Are Roof Coatings?

    Owning a commercial property requires a lot of hard work. There are multiple aspects of maintenance involved with commercial properties that almost never come into play with residential ones, not the least of which is that you often have to worry about being liable if a malfunction were to cause injury to a tenant, customer, or employee. Here at Trademark Restoration, we’re dedicated to making l…Read More

  8. Adding Curb Appeal With Fancy Rain Gutters

    Are you thinking about putting your Austin home on the market? People are moving to Austin at record-breaking rates, making it the perfect time to potentially turn a profit on your current home. When selling real estate, there are few things as important as curb appeal. This term describes the initial impression your home makes on people who are observing it from the outside. Many studies show tha…Read More

  9. Types Of Shingles That Help Repel Heat

    The roofers and rain gutter experts who make up TM Restoration couldn’t be more proud to be from Texas, providing vital roofing services to those who live in the Central Texas area. While we're of the opinion that this is some of the most beautiful country in the nation, we’re acutely aware of one big drawback of living in Central Texas: the heat. It’s true that during the summer months, te…Read More

  10. Three More Signs Your Gutters Are Failing

    In a recent post, we discussed two important signs that your rain gutters are nearing the end of their useful life. These reasons included peeling paint, rust growth, and stubborn rain gutter clogs. Knowing the difference between rain gutters that are doing their job properly and those that have become a liability for your home and property is very important. Catching rain gutter problems while th…Read More