While it is true that the roof contractors at Trademark Restoration work all year long, there are times during the year to do certain things to your home. Replacing your roof is something that you can do at anytime but there are times during the year that it will be more beneficial to you, whether that means better flexibility or cheaper costs.

Peak season

For most roofing companies, the busiest time of year is summer and fall months. If you plan to replace your roof during that time, expect a wait of up to at least a month for an appointment. The reason this time is the busiest is because the rainy season is over and we want to make sure it doesn’t rain on your roof while we have it exposed. However, prices to go up for the busy season, so be prepared for that.


Here in Texas, it doesn’t get all that cold most winters so having your roof replaced during this time may not be a bad idea. Late fall and into winter appointments will help you get the job done when you want to and help you save a little money. However, if you do decide to have your roof replaced in the winter, you need to keep in mind that the thermal sealing will take longer to set if the temperatures are less than 40 degrees.

So whether you decide to get a roof replacement during peak season or offseason you can rest assured that you are going to get an amazing service with an amazing price. Call us today.