The roofers and rain gutter experts who make up TM Restoration couldn’t be more proud to be from Texas, providing vital roofing services to those who live in the Central Texas area.

While we’re of the opinion that this is some of the most beautiful country in the nation, we’re acutely aware of one big drawback of living in Central Texas: the heat.

It’s true that during the summer months, temperatures in Central Texas can easily soar into the triple digits and remain there for days. These are the days air conditioning systems start to struggle to counteract the outside heat.

Roofing is the first line of defense against repelling heat away from your home, which means the type of shingles you choose make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency.

TM Restoration is always here to help you choose the best types of shingles and roofing for your home. Keep reading to discover which types of shingles are best at keeping heat out and cool air in.

The Problem With Asphalt Roofing

In case you were wondering, asphalt is not the best type of shingle for repelling heat. Although asphalt shingles are the most popular and affordable type of shingle, they’re dark in color and made of organic materials that LOVE to absorb heat.

“Asphalt shingles absorb a lot of heat, and that heat doesn’t stop at the roofline; it streams into the structure and increases the indoor temperature by 20 to 25 degrees,” reports the Florida Solar Energy Center.

The Surprising Benefit Of Metal Roofing

We’re all aware of the thermally-conductive properties of metal. This means that if it’s hot outside, the metal heats up. Surprisingly, this property doesn’t hamper the heat-reflecting characteristics of metal roofing in any way. When used to redirect the sun’s heat away from a structure, metal roofing not only stays cooler than asphalt shingles, it also encourages an indoor energy savings of up to 50 percent, according to the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association.

Can’t Afford Metal Roofing? Cool Roof Coatings Can Help

If you’re concerned about energy efficiency in the heat of Central Texas, it’s important to choose the right type of shingles. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the cooling properties of metal roofing but can’t afford a full roof replacement right now, there are roof coatings that can decrease the solar gain and heat retention of your roof.

Contact TM Restoration to learn more about the types of shingles, metal roofing, and roof coatings we have available for structures in Central Texas!