Here we are, smack dab in the middle of autumn, but in San Antonio, it’s feeling much more like the middle of summer. Despite the unseasonably  warm weather we’ve been experiencing here in Texas, rest assured, colder weather is coming. While we may not get all of the precipitation that falls in other parts of the country, there’s still plenty of cold weather and moisture to worry about.

Here at TM Restoration in San Antonio, we’re dedicated to keeping your home safe and comfortable through quality roofing.

Keep reading to learn more about how cold weather can have a negative impact on your roofing, as well as reasons why you should use this warm weather as an opportunity to schedule maintenance or repairs with TM Restoration.

Potential Effects Of Cold Weather On Your Roofing

So why should you worry about why cold weather is doing to your roofing system? Because it could cost you a lot of money in repairs down the road! Let’s take a look at some of the negative effects we’ve seen cold winter weather have on both commercial and residential roofing in San Antonio.

  • Temperature Fluctuations – During the winter months, the days in San Antonio can be mild, but as soon as the sun sets, the temperature drops significantly. This fluctuation is much more pronounced during winter than any other time of year. Called “thermal shock” these fluctuations cause roofing to expand and contract quite significantly, creating stress on roofing materials, and eventually leading to cracks and holes.
  • Ice Dams – When it rains during the day and then gets really cold at night, ice dams are likely to form around the edges of your room. These are layers of ice that form around drains and borders, preventing any snow or other precipitation from draining properly. Ice dams are also very heavy, and could cause damage to your roof or rain gutters.
  • Falling Ice And Snow – If ice and snow are allowed to accumulate on the upper portions of your roof, like eaves, it could damaging your roofing system when it melts and falls.

Who Should Be Responsible For Roofing Maintenance During Winter? decra 2

Taking care of your own roofing maintenance during the warmer months is fine as long as you feel comfortable doing so, but in the winter, things become more complicated and dangerous. It’s best to leave roofing maintenance tasks such as those listed below to the experts at TM Restoration in San Antonio. We have the experience and equipment that’s necessary to work safely on a slick roof in cold weather.

Inspections – If you haven’t yet had your roof inspected this year, make an appointment before the cold weather sets in, typically around December or January. This will allow our roofing technicians to identify any potential problems before temperature fluctuations make everything worse.

Clean Gutters – Rain gutters that are full of debris or not draining properly in the fall will quickly become a nightmare in the winter. Check out our blog post on proper gutter cleaning technique. We can also install leaf protectors that will greatly reduce the frequency at which your gutters get dirty in the future.

Roof Coatings – If you have a commercial roofing system, you should know that cool roof coatings can be a great way to seal your roof against water damage, and reduce the amount of snow and ice that builds up during the winter. Check out our previous blog post about roof coatings to learn more about how they work.

Roof Replacement – If you call TM Restoration in San Antonio for a pre-winter roofing inspection and it’s determined that your roof is past its prime, don’t worry. Roofs can be replaced in the colder months, and we have the expertise to do so.

Avoid Roofing Problems In Winter With TM Restoration In San Antonio!

Winter should be a time for slowing down, enjoying time with family and friends, and cozying up in the home that you’ve built here in San Antonio. Don’t let roofing problems get in the way of those plans! TM Restoration is a trusted source of roofing service in Central Texas, with bases of operation in San Marcos, Lakeway, Bedford, and of course, San Antonio. Schedule an appointment today to make sure your roof is ready for the cold!