In addition to installing shingle roofs and repairing metal roofing, a large part of what TM Restoration does in Central Texas is the application of roof coatings.

If you’ve never heard of roof coatings before, or aren’t sure why it’s worth investing in a rubber coating for your commercial roof, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some surprising-but-true facts about roof coatings.

1. Your Roofing Hates The Sun

Living in Central Texas, you know that the climate here isn’t quite what you’d call “temperate.” With some summer days climbing into the triple digits, the sun can be damaging to your roofing in a number of ways, including blistering, splitting, embrittlement, and premature aging.

2. Cool Roofing Fights Back

Rather than absorbing the heat of the sun, and transferring it inside your commercial property, cool coatings reflect the sun’s heat away from your roofing. This means that only a fraction of the heat is transferred inside your property.

3. Cool Roofing Saves You Money

When more heat is reflected away from your roofing via a cool roof coating, you don’t have to shell out as much money to keep the interior climate comfortable. In some cases, energy bills are slashed by up to 50 percent in Central Texas!

4. Cool Roofing Adds Years To Your Building

Another benefit of cool roof coatings is that it prolongs the life of your roofing system. By providing more consistent protection against normal wear and tear, roof coatings mean you can go for much longer between roof repairs and replacement.

Want to learn more about what roof coatings can do for your commercial roofing system (as well as your wallet)? Contact TM Restoration in Austin today!