When you think of roof installation, you may think about shingles and men and women on the roof of a home nailing those shingles to the roof paneling. Many of us don’t know that flashing is just as important part of roofing as the shingles but most of us don’t know what it is. Have no fear: we are here to help you with that. We will tell you everything that you need to know about flashing

What is flashing?

Flashing is a preventative seal that keeps water from getting under the shingles and roof. It is usually found around chimneys, skylights, vents or dormers, just about anywhere that cannot be completely covered solely by the shingles. With proper flashing installed, it can prevent moisture from getting into your home, causing mold and other issues inside your home.

Where do you need it?

As mentioned before, you will need to have flashing installed around chimneys, dormers, vents and skylights but you will also need it around things like roof edging, joints, valleys, all gaps or grooves, and projections. This is the last line of defense that your roof has from preventing water from getting into your home.

Improper flashing damage

If you have flashing that is incorrectly installed, you can have a lot of problems in your future. The joints in your roof could deteriorate which could eventually cause your roof to cave in. It can also allow water to seep into your home’s walls which will create a wet environment and grow harmful mold.

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