Austin can get hit by some pretty big storms. Once those storms blow through, it can leave a lot of homeowners with damage to their roof. Storm damage can start out as a fairly minor issue that without roof repair can turn into a major problem for your home. Once the wind and rain dies down, it’s a good idea to check your roof for signs of damage. Here are a few tips to get it done safely:

  • Get some distance. You’ll want to get a good look at your roof and the best way to do that is to step back from your property. Cross the street or ask permission to stand in a neighbor’s yard and have a look.
  • If you have binoculars, use them. They will give you an up-close view of your roof that can help you spot damage better.
  • Scan the entire roof line. Start at one end of your roof and carefully look all the way across. You’ll be looking for signs of missing shingles, cracks or holes, and discoloration. All of these are signs of potential damage.
  • Stay off of the roof. Many at-home accidents come from homeowners climbing on ladders and on their roof. Stay safe and leave the roof climbing to a professional.

If you do spot an issue, give our Austin roof repair team a call. We’ll come out to your location and verify that you are in need of repairs and then get to work. When you work with our team, you can expect quality repairs that help extend the life of your roof. Get in touch with us today and don’t let those small repairs become major issues!