Just like you rarely think about your roof, you probably spend much time thinking about your rain gutters.

An essential element of any home roofing system, your gutters work together with your shingles to slough water off of your roof and away from your home.

Without rain gutters, water would fall in sheets directly off the edge of your roof. This would greatly damage the landscaping around your home, eventually lead to flooding or foundation damage, and at the very least ruin your wife’s hair as she tries to dash to the car during a rainstorm.

As long as our rain gutters appear to be working, most people don’t worry about them until major gutter repairs are needed. If you take some time to give your gutters a little attention throughout the year, however, you can often pick up on the subtle signs that you gutters are failing before complete failure actually happens.

Rust & Peeling Paint

Streaky stains on your roof are a sign of algae growth, but streaky stains down the side of your house are a sign that your gutters are rusting. If your exterior cladding is paint rather than vinyl siding, you may notice peeling paint in addition to brownish streaks. Gutters start to rust when the water seal inside fails and allows the moisture to permeate and oxidize the metal. In addition to looking bad, this is your rain gutter’s way of telling you that they’re probably getting ready to fall off the house. Don’t let this happen, contact Trademark Restoration for gutter repairs!

Constant Clogging

Rain gutters get stopped up from time to time, especially if you have a lot of mature trees on your property that shed leaves in the fall. While seasonal clogs are to be expected and should be cleaned out right away, constant clogging could indicate a deeper issue. If the clog continually forms in the same section of guttering, and it’s not around a downspout, the cause could be separation between the sections or even a loose nail. Both problems should be repaired right away to avoid additional damage to your home.

Stay tuned for future posts about signs of gutter failure, and contact Trademark Restoration for all your rain gutter needs!