In a recent post, we discussed two important signs that your rain gutters are nearing the end of their useful life. These reasons included peeling paint, rust growth, and stubborn rain gutter clogs.

Knowing the difference between rain gutters that are doing their job properly and those that have become a liability for your home and property is very important. Catching rain gutter problems while they’re small allows you the most flexibility in choosing a solution. Because once a rain gutter fails, you only have until the next Central Texas rain storm to get it fixed.

Here are three more important warning signs that your rain gutters are beginning to fail. Pay close attention, and if you spot them at your Central Texas home or business, contact TM Restoration for rain gutter repair or replacement today!

1. Sagging/Bending Rain Gutters

In most cases, your rain gutters should be perfectly parallel to the ground, fitting snugly against the home or building. If you’ve noticed that your rain gutters have begun to sag or pull away from the structure, it’s a sure sign that they’re no longer draining water properly.

2. Cracking/Splitting Rain Gutters

A hairline crack in your rain gutters might not seem like that big of a deal, but add in the weight of rushing water and a small fissure will soon become a bigger problem. Ignoring these cracks can “damage the fascia boards behind the gutters, the shingles above the gutter and the foundation below,” explains Angie’s List.

3. Pools Of Water Under Rain Gutters

Inspecting your rain gutters requires looking down at the ground as much as looking up at your roof. Do you see puddles of water in your flower beds and up against your foundation? This is a sure sign that your rain gutters are no longer directing water away from the house like they should.

If you notice these signs of rain gutter failure at your home or business, there’s nothing to be gained by waiting. Take care of the problem right away by calling TM Restoration for rain gutter repair or installation today!