The leaves in Central Texas are slowly but surely turning gold, orange, and red. Soon, gusty winds will sweep all the autumn leaves off of their perches and down into the yards below. But not only the yard. Also the roof and the rain gutters that you rely on to guide water away from your home.

Here at TM Restoration, we believe that the changing of the seasons is a great reminder to clean out your rain gutters in Austin. Keep reading to learn why, as well as the best possible techniques for getting the job done right!

Why Fall Is A Great Time To Clean  Your Rain Gutters

We’ve already hinted at this, but the main reason that fall is a great time to clean your rain gutters is that this is when all the leaves fall off all the trees!

In the summertime, storms may blow debris into your gutter system infrequently, but during the fall your gutters will be inundated with flying leaves, pine needles, dust, and dirt.

The other reason that fall is a great time to clean your rain gutters is that the winter season is coming, bring with it even more rain, ice, and wind. And maybe even some snow. Yes, we live in Texas where it rarely snows, but between El Nino and climate change, stranger things have happened! When all those things run into debris in your gutter, you’re at risk for overflows or something worse.

Proper Technique For Cleaning Rain Gutters

First, grab a sturdy ladder, gloves, a hand trowel or rake, and a trash bag or bucket into which you can toss debris from your rain gutters.

Second, put on your gloves, and grab your bucket and hand tool. Set up your ladder next to a downspout, and climb up until you can safely reach into the gutter system. It’s likely that you’ll see leaves and other organic matter piled up around the downspout. Grab it with your gloved hands and dump it in the bucket. Lather, rinse, repeat with all of your other downspouts and rain gutter sections.

If you discover that your rain gutters are in need of repair while you’re up there cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact TM Restoration. We provide rain gutter installation and gutter repair throughout Central Texas!