copper gutters

Are you thinking about putting your Austin home on the market?

People are moving to Austin at record-breaking rates, making it the perfect time to potentially turn a profit on your current home.

When selling real estate, there are few things as important as curb appeal. This term describes the initial impression your home makes on people who are observing it from the outside. Many studies show that potential buyers make a decision about whether or not they’re interested in a home before they ever get inside. If your rain gutters are in bad repair, it could hurt your chances of making a profitable sale.

As the rain gutter and roofing experts in Central Texas, Trademark Restoration has lots of experience repairing and updating rain gutters in texas. Consider upgrading to copper gutters that could help to improve the curb appeal of your Austin home!

Why Copper Rain Gutters?

  1. Beautiful without paint – Normal rain gutters have to be repainted year after year to avoid looking shabby. Copper gutters are naturally beautiful and never need to be painted.
  2. Rust-proof – Traditional gutters are made from galvanized steel with can rust over time, leaving your home at risk for stains or even water damage. Copper rain gutters will never rust so you can trust that they will channel water away from your Austin home for years to come.
  3. Attract High-Dollar Buyers – Copper rain gutters will make your home stand out from others in the neighborhood, attracting buyers with larger budgets who are looking for luxury features.

Want to know more about the benefits of copper rain gutters? Contact the rain gutter experts at Trademark Restoration. We have several convenient locations serving all of Central Texas and would be happy to visit your property to provide a rain gutter consultation.