1. Two Important Signs Your Gutters Are Failing

    Just like you rarely think about your roof, you probably spend much time thinking about your rain gutters. An essential element of any home roofing system, your gutters work together with your shingles to slough water off of your roof and away from your home. Without rain gutters, water would fall in sheets directly off the edge of your roof. This would greatly damage the landscaping around your h…Read More

  2. What’s Staining My Roof?

    Unless it's leaking water into an internal room, many people in Texas don’t really spend much time thinking about their roof. After all, as long as it’s keeping the elements out and the air conditioning in, a roof isn’t really that important, right? Wrong. Your roof is also a vital tool for energy efficiency as well as maintaining curb appeal. If you plan on selling your house at any point i…Read More

  3. Commercial Roof Causing Problems? Our Roof Coatings Can Help!

    As trusted providers of both residential and commercial roof repairs in Texas, Trademark Restoration knows how big of an undertaking it can be to choose complete roof replacement. We understand that there are probably a million other things you’d rather do with your hard-earned money than buy a new roof, which is why we offer a high-quality alternative: roof coatings. What Are Roof Coatings? Esp…Read More

  4. Roof Decision Making No-Nos

    When you need a new roof or roof repair, you have a natural urge to do what we can to save money. We understand that repair and replacing your roof is one of the most expensive things that you will ever have to do for your house but there are some major no-nos to avoid when trying to save money on your roof. We want to tell you some of the decision making faux pas that many people do to save money…Read More

  5. All About Flashing

    When you think of roof installation, you may think about shingles and men and women on the roof of a home nailing those shingles to the roof paneling. Many of us don’t know that flashing is just as important part of roofing as the shingles but most of us don’t know what it is. Have no fear: we are here to help you with that. We will tell you everything that you need to know about flashing What…Read More

  6. Fix Your Leaky Roof With Roof Repair

    Your roof is your home's first line of defense when it comes to water. But when your roof is on its last leg, water can seep in and cause more damage in its wake. Water has a way of exposing even the smallest of cracks. This is why you need a roofing company that will provide you a quality service that will keep your home protected from a leak for decades. At TM Restoration, we know that you depe…Read More

  7. 12 Lifesaving Tips To Prepare For Storms

    Here in Central Texas, we have seen our fair share of hurricanes and even tornados and their aftermath. With strong winds, heavy rain and large hail, our home’s roofs can get damaged. When the storm is over, you will surely need roof repair and we hope that you choose TM Restoration for those repairs, but you have to get through the storm first. We want to help you help you be prepared when ther…Read More

  8. 3 More Important Questions To Ask Your Roofing Company

    In our last blog, we talked about some of the most important questions to ask your potential roofing company before hiring them. We talked about how important it is that your roofing company is fully insured so that you as a homeowner are not reliable for medical bills that might occur after an accident on your property. We also talked about how important it is that you find out if your potential …Read More

  9. 3 Important Questions To Ask A Roofing Company

    When it comes to hiring the perfect roofing company, you never know what you are going to get until they come to your home and perform the job. You may check their reviews online and they appear to have a great reputation. But sometimes thing wrong with those other roofers. At TM Restoration, we take pride in our reputation, so we have come up a list of important questions that you should ask your…Read More

  10. When Should You Get Your Roof Replaced?

    While it is true that the roof contractors at Trademark Restoration work all year long, there are times during the year to do certain things to your home. Replacing your roof is something that you can do at anytime but there are times during the year that it will be more beneficial to you, whether that means better flexibility or cheaper costs. Peak season For most roofing companies, the busiest t…Read More