Fall is in full swing which means that the leaves on the trees start falling and landing EVERYWHERE! No matter how often you are outside raking or blowing the leaves, you can turn around and the ground is covered again. We always notice the leaves on the ground, but how often are you looking at the amount of leaves on your roof? Believe it or not, leaving leaves on your roof throughout the year can cause many problems.

Water Damage

When you leave leaves on your roof for an extended amount of time, they tend to collect water. When water stands on the shingles, they will eventually start to rot. Rotting shingles leads to rotting boards underneath which will lead to a leak in the roof causing damage inside the house. Depending on how many leaves are on the roof, it can also cause weakness in the beams.


A good way to prevent leaves from landing on your roof is to keep tree limbs trimmed back so that they aren’t hanging over your home. This will allow more sunlight to reach your roof so that mold and mildew doesn’t grow and it also is a good way to prevent damage to the roof when branches fall off onto the roof.

Cleaning The Roof

The most important thing when it comes to cleaning your roof is that you do it safely. We recommend staying on the ground and using a pair of binoculars, but if you absolutely need to get on a ladder, remember to have a ladder that is at least two feet taller than the roof so that there is room if it slips a little. Also, do not reach while you are on a ladder. It is better to get down and move the latter than to fall.

It is always better to have a professional come out and inspect your roof because they have the right equipment for such tasks. When you need a roofer, call Trademark Restoration and get a free consultation.