We know a story of a woman who lives in a six unit townhome building. The gutters were incorrectly installed on this building. On the second story, there were two gutters directing water down to the roof of the porch. Directly below one of these gutters is the window well for the window to the basement. One day, it rain heavily for an extended period of time. There was too much rain for the gutters to handle because of how they were designed that the rushing water went directly into the window well and busted out the window. The woman’s basement needed repairs and she ended up having to pay for it out of pocket because she didn’t have flood insurance.

It is stories like this that make us cringe because this could have been prevented with the proper rain gutter installation. Of course this is an extreme example but it is one of the biggest benefits of having correctly installed rain gutters. Others include:

Preventing Decay

Too much water on your wood in a moist environment like the one here in central Texas can cause your wood to rot which can end up in expensive repairs.

Keep Dirt Off

As rain comes down your roof, it picks up a bunch of dirt and leaves and other gunk that will just head down your walls leaving streaks of debris in its wake. With a gutter system, you don’t have to worry about that.


Gutters also keep water from settling around the base of your home. Water can seep into the foundation and slowly eat away at everything that supports your home.

If you are interested in having a new seamless gutter system installed, call TM Restoration today.